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On 20/02/2018 at 6:29 AM, damage_6-9 said:

:platinum:# 131- Full Moon: The Wolf Among Us  (Vita)


.....was also my lvl 37 trophy and 11th consecutive psn lvl marked with a :platinum:


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:platinum: Platinum #184: Dragon Sinker (Vita)




Homage to Dragon Warrior. 


Oddly has Micro transactions. Unnecessary as you get 1000 DRP to spend on Equitable Boosts (200-300) that do the same thing. Each battle can drop 5DRP.


I used it on 100% XP and 100% Job Points Bonus Equips. Did not bother with changing Jobs as you get one of each anyways. Mastering a Job gets you a Scroll (max 1 per a type of Job). Used it all of my main character. 


Difficulty scales up midway. First 15 hours were easy (played on Normal Diff).


Then when I got to OP Hidden Final Boss (got merked). Had to change to easy and grind for 15 hours (few of those AFV) collecting Dream Frags & Crystals to exchange for Perma Stat boosts.


Thankfully when you die, you can retry, swap to your other 2 teams or spend 100 DRP to fully review the team from where the battle left off.


Difficulty: 4


Enjoyment: 6


Rating: 7




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