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MORE is all you need

You have it all. There is nothing MORE.


So when I heard about this game coming (for free) for players who already owned the first Superhot, I was overjoyed. I still haven't platted the first two games, but that's besides the point. I loved the gameplay of the franchise, so I just knew I had to get through this game! Sadly, I can't display this game on my PSNP account, since Sly keeps ignoring me. So PSNTL will have to make due. I took plenty of breaks between the different stages, so finished in nearly a week: OxjW9Uh.png

Now, this is my first plat since Hidden in Time...I'm likely making Far Cry 3 my next, unless I go back to Rise of Tomb Raider, Black Ops 1, or TLoU2. Spoilers ahead:


I started off enjoying the game, but grew to hate it as I rushed to get to the end. For others, it was a simple game, but once the boss guys and spiked guys came into the picture, some levels would vary between a 2/10 to 6/10 difficulty for me (mainly because of Dog Guy). There's so many stages in this game, full of varying amounts of levels., You might get lucky with 5 levels (or encounters), or have to go through 10. When I started the game, I faced an issue that several others have: invisible enemies. I thought they were intended to add a challenge to the game, until I looked it up. Rebooting the game resolved the issue, but the environment in the levels would still disappear (at one time, I fell through the level!). You start off facing basic enemies, such as shotgun, SMG, pistol, another gun, knife, and katana. Nothing much to worry about. Of course, the SMG's the most annoying of them, since you're having to dodge multiple bullets.


As you progress, you're able to complete special stages to get new "hacks" such as 4HP, superthrow, etc., and new Cores that apply to the whole stage, such as MORE (gives three hearts, with hacks putting it to 5), CHARGE (allows you to teleport to any enemy and one-hit punch them -- my go-to the whole game), one for switching bodies, and one for being able to retrieve a thrown katana. Of these, CHARGE is definitely the best imo. You do have to find one computer in any level for a trophy. I managed to do it by going to the restroom on YAKUZA and activating a computer there. Various levels DO allow you to go out of map, through clever use of jumping, but you might not be able to get back in if you chose a bad Core.


Okay, that's the funner part, but as you progress, you're introduced to dozens of new stages, and let it be known, you really don't need to complete them all. You're only needing the main cores, and whatever stages are required to get to the next floor (makes sense in context). Okay, next, you're introduced to spiky enemies. The position of the spikes on their bodies (or heads) will determine where the BULLETS will spray out from them once you kill them. So take my advice: shoot from a distance, and hide in cover, or make them a priority, and jump out of the way, so you can collateral kills. They can be very annoying, since you will likely die a good chunk from them. Next are the spike traps. They can be on any wall or ceiling, and walking by or under them will send spikes in the direction they're facing. You will die to this more times than not, but they are useful for killing the reds, so it's not terribly unfair. If you hate them, just shoot/throw at them at the start. Then comes some guy with spikes in his head, who cannot be damaged. He will attempt to grab and kill you. Just keep going around the map avoiding him.


Usually you only need to kill like 6 or so enemies per level to get to the next. You will see in the hex code screen (again context...), that there are corrupted sections with no number/letter segment. These are where you'e able to apply a hack. Note, that you cannot increase your health if using a different Core than MORE. You can heal though. Once you're done with a stage, the screen with show SUPERHOT, SUPERHOT... ad infinitum until you press a button to go back to the stage select screen.


Okay, here comes the worst enemies: Dog, Ninja, and Addiction. Ninja is a sword user who will try to throw his sword at you and grab it back. He's easy to avoid, since he needs a direct line of sight. Addiction is able to use guns, and if you get close, he'll switch bodies with you. Not that bad of an enemy. Dog is awful. He will go around the map trying to find you, then he'll lunge at you, even dashing through barriers and walls to knock an HP off you. The worst part? None of these fuckers can be damaged or killed. Once they spawn, they're permanent in that level till you kill enough reds. Then to end the game, you will have to give up your cores. Giving up your katana core is pretty easy. You go through different levels, and only get two hacks. The one to switch bodies is somewhat bad, but doable. Again, you only get two hacks, but with one, you're bale to switch to multiple bodies, which would help if you have a group. The Dog will die a lot. He's a pain in the ass, Again, two hacks. At the end of the stages, you will approach the boss enemies, and give up that particular core.


You have to give up all three. Then, you need to give up your MORE core, so you can't increase hearts. Then, you must give up your hacks all at once. This is the most grueling part. You have to go through like 15 (?) levels without having any modifiers. The only upside is no boss enemies or spikes. No, we're not at the shittiest part yet. Just wait. To finally, finally, FINALLY give up, you have to play a stage and keep pressing square to give up a standard ability, like being able to throw, shoot, jump, move, or look. Eventually, there's no way for you to do anything, and you can finally delete the game within the game. At this point, you might be thinking the game's over, and there's no way to undelete it. Well you'd be wrong. You're shown a black screen with a red square in the middle. You need to keep pressing square over and over until you can finally move the square. You need to move as much as possible till you find a thing grey line, then follow that till you find an activation button. Press x on it, then find the next line, then the next. Eventually, you'll be able to undelete the game, but it'll take 9 hours to do it. The game says 8, but it took me and a friend 9. No, that's not in-game hours.




For that, I give the game a 5/10 enjoyability. Without that, it'd be 6/10. Without dog fucker, it'd be 7/10.

The game is definitely worth playing, especially if you enjoyed the first two, but know that you'll face a lot of bullshit deaths!


P.S. if someone can finally can me in contact with Sly_Ripper, since he ignores me on email, PM, and Discord, I'd be most appreciative. That is some bullshit user communication when the admin of the site ignores his users for 8 months. 


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40-platinum.png#61: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood


Difficulty: 7/10

Enjoyment: 9,5/10 (if we don't count Psychotic mode, that mode is a 3/10 for enjoyment)

Rarity: 1,56%


If you have a VR headset, liked Until Dawn then I definitely recommend this game.

Even if you have never played Until Dawn, I will recommend to play Until Dawn and then this one.

This game is an on rail shooter set in the Until Dawn universe with great atmosphere.

There are lots of good jumpscares and some nice throwbacks to Until Dawn.

It was really fun to shoot things with the move controllers.

There are also some parts where you need to duck and dodge obstacles.


The game itself is really short.

Think I finished it the first time in like two hours with some breaks in between levels.

But I had lots of fun from level 1 tot the last level.


But then you have Psychotic difficulty that is just a mode to ruin all enjoyment you had in this game.

Psychotic difficulty is just insane difficulty but you have one life to complete all the levels.

While insane difficulty is pretty doable with checkpoints doing it without is just a pain.

After each level I uploaded my save to the cloud an reloaded that if I died.

But then it the later levels I was just doing 3 hours of reloading, dying, crying, asking if throphy hunting was worth it and repeat :).

The first couple of levels were very doable, only dying a few times.

But then came level 6 were I died a lot.

And that level is a real slow level to start.

Like all levels have like an unskippable cutscene but level 6 and 7 have like nothing to do in the beginning part.

While that was fine the first time, because of the atmosphere, I started to get really annoyed.


And then came the last level.

I didn't want to give up but it was the worst thing I've ever done in my life on psychotic difficulty.

I cursed a lot, my bullets started to not register and my mom got angry because I sweared the whole time.

But when I finally completed the level I was shaking and almost crying that it was over.


Now that I rambled enough I'm going to give a short conclusion.

Play the game on normal, get all collectibles, play it on insane and then never look at the trophy list again.



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:platinum:#226 Bug Fables


Our job's done!

Saw all there was to see!


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