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4 hours ago, IntroPhenom said:


Platinum #38


:platinum: Hooah

Rarity: 98.51%

Personal Difficulty: 1/10

Time to plat: 21 seconds




Get ready to smash that like button, buoys and gulls.



::throws rotten apples at @IntroPhenom:: 






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Platinum #89




 :platinum:Super Super Trophy
Unlock all trophies


Definitely reminded me of the good 'ol days of Top Gear

Platinum takes a while longer than I'd like to, but it's a good idea to turn off your brain and play this while listening to a podcast or something


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Did some damage since my last update on this thread. I will run thru it quickly as much of it is without note.


Inksplosion - PS4 (#139)

Quick arcade game. Colorful to epilepsy inducing levels, haha. First stacked game for me.


Deep Ones - PS4 (#140)

Old school 2D platformer action game. A bit bleak in the end. Quick platinum. Part of my list for participation in the Twelve Days event.


Deponia - PS4 (#141)

Cute point and click adventure. Pretty funny and well paced. I enjoyed it significantly more than my recent experience with The Inner Place.


Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug - PS4 (#142)

It took me embarrassingly long to figure out the 1000 spaces dug needed to be in a single run. Otherwise, a decent retread. Also, I would consider it the easiest of the 4 in the Arcade Game Series.


Black & White Bushido - PS4 (#143)

Fast-paced multiplayer deathmatch game. Seems like a missed opportunity, as this could have been fleshed out into a brawler a la Smash.


Aer: Memories of Old - PS4 (#144)

Beautiful simple adventure, puzzle game. It reminded me of Rime, which I found superior in almost every way.


ChromaGun - PS4 (#145)

Portal knock-off. Very well executed. Clever puzzles and some reaction/timing based solutions add to the challenge.


Alteric - PS4  (#146)

Deceptively difficult puzzle obstacle game. Very much like 36 Fragments of Midnight or Midnight Deluxe, you are a little white box in a realistic physics environment with all sorts of obstacles with kill in one touch. These levels, however, were significantly more challenging than either of those games. Level 24 in particular was a nightmare. Between messing with gravity, threading needles for blind falls and world switching, that level was actually a "Real Challenge."  


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:platinum:#237- Devious Dungeon NA PS4 


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:platinum: #57

Life is Strange: Before the Storm



What a big letdown! After playing the original Life is Strange years ago and becoming a huge fan, I expected I'd get the same experience from the spin-off (or prequel) Life is Strange: Before the Storm, but it didn't deliver. The story isn't as engaging as the original, and the choices you are offered with aren't that important either. I guess the lack of superpower--like in the original--could also be one of the reasons this one is a disappointment. Well, I haven't got a chance to get through Life is Strange 2, but, from now on, I'd have to lower my expectations.


:platinum: #56

Full Throttle Remastered



As a person who enjoys (especially with a guide) most of the point-and-click adventures out there, this one is ace. The story is full of joy, with Ben Throttle being the protagonist who tries to clear his name and his motorcycle gang, and you know what, this game originally came out in the 90s. Woah!

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